Your written documents are a reflection of your company.

Achieve professional quality in your translations.


Bel Ange Traductions evaluates the requirements of your translation project in order to provide you with premium service, quickly.

A single manager will be in charge of the project from order to delivery, offering support and assistance throughout the process.


Your documents are handled by professionals who translate exclusively into their mother tongues and who are specialists in the fields of expertise required.

Our team then proofreads every translation, checking terminology, syntax and layout.


Bel Ange Traductions has a flexible structure that helps you save time and easily get in touch with your correspondent.

The manager of your project is always available by phone or email, ready to modify translations as needed.


Agence Ile-de-France

10 rue Montcalm 75018 Paris

+33 (0)6 23 76 67 10

Interprétariat et formation linguistique

Agence PACA

15 rue Georges Ville 06300 Nice

+33 (0)6 24 63 83 33

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